Derrick Brown has worked with EventMediaTech from the beginning. Over the last half decade we have become family, supporting one another in both success and adversity.  Derrick is recognized by every property, with every client and by most everyone reading this article. EventMediaTech is honored to applaud and reward Derrick as our November selection in our Spotlight Series.

From the words of our National Staffing Director Benjamin Campbell III,

Derrick is your go-to-guy. He is reliable, hardworking and is the most appreciative man I know”.

Over the years he has put forth immeasurable effort. As a senior technician he has undeniably been in every trench, his back against every wall. Where most would quit, Derrick won’t and simply pushes harder to get the job done. Benjamin went on to say,

“The world needs more Derrick Browns, someone that can see the light in the worst of situations. He takes this practice with him to work everyday.”

Derrick has no doubt, rewarded us most of all with his loyalty. A gift we intend to reciprocate for years to come! Check out some insight from the man himself below!


D-Brown! Thank you for taking the time. For somebody new on the job site, can you name three tasks you would suggest they master first to benefit the team?

“The three major tasks I suggest a “newbie” should definitely master is 1. Safety 2. Coiling, and 3. Taping. In that order. And that will benefit the team tremendously!”


As a coordinator, what are some priorities you consider when flipping tight room turns?

“An as a coordinator, some of your priorities for flipping tight room turns are to move at a fast, but safe pace.  Strike old, and set new equipment as quickly and efficiently as possible.”


Thanks Derrick!


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“Jamil has been a critical part of our team since day one. He has stepped into both Crew Chief and Director positions on countless shows this year with nothing but rave reviews.  I have 100% confidence in Jamil. He is reliable, professional and an all-around all-star. It’s obvious to see that the client’s happiness is Jamil’s number one concern.”

Credence like this from Benjamin Campbell III (National Staffing Director) leaves no question.  Jamil embodies the work ethics we admire most and it’s time to thank him for it! EventMediaTech is proud to introduce our October Technician Spotlight, Jamil Decker.

Jamil Decker

Great shows start with organized shops!

One of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of Technical Staffing is to match both the right ability and personality to the situation. Jamil makes this process easy. Throughout his tenure he has faced tough situations, sharp deadlines and demanding clients. His graceful navigation of inevitable tricky situations leaves us and more importantly clients at ease.

“Its all ins and outs…dont over think it.”

Enough talk from us, lets hear from the man himself! To discover and share some of Jamil’s thoughts on the industry, check out his insight below!

Jamil, can you name a show in recent memory that sticks out in your mind as a professional accomplishment? What was challenging about it and how did you overcome those obstacles?

“The most challenging show I can remember was a big ballroom event at the Marriot Marquis. It was my first time in the roll of technical director, and I was a little apprehensive. I had run crews before, but usually it was my show and with guys I knew. On this show I was the only EMT representative and I was working with PSAV’s show team, which is a group of their finest technicians. Things were rough at first as I had to gain the respect of the crew while at the same time understanding the scope of the show and managing the clients expectations. At the end of the day I just trusted my experience and learned on my philosophy of leading from the front, showing everyone I wasnt afraid of getting my hands dirty and that my goal was a good show and not puffing out my chest. It turned out to be a great crew who gave me great ideas along the way and executed the show without hiccup. This greatly built my confidence in my abilities.”

Operating within the nation’s capital is a stressful endeavor.  How do you mentally digest the high pressure situations and what would you suggest for show day nerves?

“In terms of handling show day nerves I just trust my gut, and know that I’m the expert and do this every day. Clients freak out because for them this is the event they’ve been planning for months, but for us it’s just another day. Everyone uses the same mics whether it’s the President or some accountant, so I try to just stay cool.”

Can you distinguish one technician that mentored you in some way and one technician you took time with to develop their skills?

“In terms of mentorship I owe everything I know to my first boss in AV, Steve Smith. He never hesitated to put us in situations over our heads and trusted us to figure it out. I take the same approach when I see someone green. I say what Steve said to me…”Its all ins and outs…dont over think it.” Its hard for me to really mentor now because I’m so busy working myself, but I try and answer any questions and give advice when I can. ”

Thanks Jamil!

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Just last month, we featured our very first South Eastern Division technician. What followed was yet another stellar month of positive reviews! It appears the talent of the region is too great to stop at just one spotlight. Following a unanimous decision, it is our pleasure to spotlight Clayton Gaudette for his fantastic service to Event & Media Technologies!


Why Clayton?

Simply put, his name has become synonymous with successful shows in the region and properties are taking notice! Directors, Project Managers and his colleagues have provided plenty of reasons to spotlight Clayton, but perhaps our favorite quality is his confidence as a leader and client liaison.  His on-site feedback to us has become extremely valuable and has helped acclimate our team to a new region successfully.

His rare and comprehensive technical skillset as an A1, L1 and V1 gives him great insight into the entirety of a production. We are confident a Technical Director is on the rise!  South Eastern Division Staffing Manager, Dustin James had this to say about Clayton,“Gaudette always brings his A-game. He’s very attentive to the client’s needs and he does everything in his power to have a successful show.”


Lets get to know Clayton a bit better and congratulate him on the great job!

Read more

To close out summer and welcome a busier than ever fall, we wanted to make a post that would be a first of its kind. This August, we raise our wrenches to recognize a technician living in Florida under our South Eastern Division! Stephen King Jr. has in essence, worked hand-in-hand with us to open this now successful branch. It is through many of his positive reviews that our reputation hasn’t skipped a step in a new market.

Our South Eastern Regional Manager Dustin James had this to say about Stephen. “Stephen is an asset to the team in any role that he fills. He’s always prepared, diligent, and his work ethic is unmatched.”

We are excited to continue working with Stephen this fall and to get to know him a bit better, we asked a few questions about his industry experience and the experience of working with Event & Media Technologies!

– Stephen, would you mind giving us a bit of your background and what inspires you about the Audio/Visual industry?

“I have been working in the Audio/Visual field for over 25 years. My skill in our industry comes from my education background in electronics, which has enabled me to know ‘why something works’ more than just ‘this is how you work it’. Outside of A/V, I hold numerous Information Technology certifications, I served in the U.S. Navy during Desert Storm and spent many years as an active volunteer firefighter.

(Hanging with John Travolta!)

What inspires me most about our industry is we are the ones that bring our client’s visions to life. Without our hard work and skill, events would be dull and boring affairs. It is inspiring to see a successful show go off and take pride in the work the team has done.”

– You may already be aware, but this is our first “Technician Spotlight” featuring a tech from our South Eastern Region. As we are always looking for feedback, can you give me one positive experience you have had on a job site for us and one area of opportunity you feel we could improve on? 

“The most positive thing for me is the professional reputation that Event & Media Technologies has developed around Central Florida. It is an honor to be able to go to a job site and have the client say, “You are from EMT, so I know I don’t have to tell you what to do.”

The one improvement I could recommend is training opportunities. It would be great for you to host training events for techs to receive training on different pieces of gear or some aspect of what we do, or provide individual training for a piece of equipment one may not be familiar with. This way we can be more efficient at job sites and ultimately take on more advanced roles.”

– Can you give us a glimpse into what tools and/or supplies you bring on a typical call?  We know you have survived some long ones! 

“Having spent many years as a volunteer firefighter, I have always learned that you can never be too prepared. In addition to the usual small hand tools such as screwdrivers and adjustable wrench, I carry a backpack with a studio laptop, USB sticks, network switch, rope, carabineers, zip ties, sharpies, headphones, programmable 2-way radio, rain gear, hammer, pliers, spare phone chargers, and of course a compliment of sweets, snacks, and energy drinks. On my belt I carry a flashlight and a multi-tool.”

Thanks Stephen! 


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It’s time again readers! Let’s recognize and spotlight a fantastic technician and friend: Travis Morton for his contributions to Event & Media Technologies. Some “spotlights” we concentrate on personability and attitude. Others on technical skill. Still others from a particularly positive comment or review from a client. This month we are lucky enough to talk about all the above!

Travis has advanced through many of the positions on our roster and is entrusted to our most particular clients. He demonstrates the ability to adapt to last minute changes and handles strenuous situations with grace. His reputation for a positive and proactive attitude is exactly what we have come to enjoy most about him and it’s undeniably infectious to any crew.

Benjamin Campbell, our National Staffing Manager had this to say about him: Travis has transformed into a crucial piece of our team. His attention to detail, positive attitude and willingness to learn has set him apart. This package has evolved into him being requested on every show! Travis is the tech you want on every crew”

 Show run or last minute emergency. A1 or GAV (when asked nicely).  Travis is your man and ours! I was able to catch up with Travis and gather some of his thoughts below.

Mr. Morton, thanks for taking the time! Throughout your many roles in the event industry, which one has been your favorite, why, and what role might you hope to fill someday?

“Boom operator for the film Johnny Z, hands down has been my favorite roll so far. Working on a film set is way more challenging then I could of imagined but such a team effort. I would like to see myself in more project management and of course more film sets.”

As a lead audio engineer and crew chief, what expectations do you have for technicians under your supervision? How could you help someone be better prepared?

“Having a good attitude is most important. My worse days are always days I come in with a negative attitude. Also, SNACKS…keep snacks in your backpack.”

If you could have one super power that relates to the Audio Visual field, what would your power be and why?

“Telekinesis! The ability to move heavy objects with my mind would be super helpful.”

Technical Staffing

EventMediaTech is extremely excited to announce the opening of our newest  branch location. Dallas, Texas!

“13727 Noel Rd., Tower 2, Suite 200
Dallas, TX 75240″ “Big Country”

The new location debuts as the second expansion of 2018.  Quickly following a successful Florida branch that opened earlier this year, we have proven our ability to provide value to clients across larger geological regions and find the best Audio Visual talent everywhere we go!

As always, we felt distinctly obligated to have a physical location for interviewing and to employ an on-site Branch Manager with a “Boots on the Ground” presence.

“Humble beginnings!”

Speaking of that exact Branch Manager! Our very own Jonah Joffe, (many of you know and miss him already from the DC office!) aligned a Dallas transition that places him closer to family, while being on location in Texas. This made for a near seamless transition and we are ready to get to work!

If you are an Audio Visual Technician living in the greater Dallas area, we want to talk to you! Click the link here:( Work With Us ) and send us a copy of your resume today!

The EventMediaTech team is excited to commemorate a consummate professional and friend, Miroslav Danchev as our June Technician Spotlight!

*Fader town!*

It is difficult to narrow down exactly what makes him such a unique talent. You could begin with his tranquil temperament and friendly personality.  To know him is to like him. Following that, his sheer experience in the industry places him in a select category. His resume speaks for itself and no venue is too large or artist too distinguished.

*Miroslav hanging with 7 time grammy winner, Paul Winter*

Perhaps what stands out the most about Miroslav, is that his skills and outstanding work ethic have taken him all over the world. It verifies something remarkable. That talent can cross borders, languages (and different electrical currents) to get the job done.  In his still relatively short tenure with EventMediaTech, he has garnered the respect and appreciation of his colleagues and our clients. Thank you for the all hard work Miro!

We had a chance to capture some of his thoughts on the industry below.

Miroslav, would you mind giving us an opening statement about the industry and how in multiple countries across the world, you have been successful?

“One of the reasons why I wanted to work as an audio engineer was my love for physics while I was in school, since sound and physics are greatly connected.  After a few years of working as an audio engineer, I became more recognized and had a chance to work for the biggest production and rental company in Bulgaria. While with this company, I worked for many internationally known artists who were performing in the country, which enriched my work experience. Even then I always made sure to keep my knowledge up to date, reading about new audio equipment and technologies, and also still learning from anyone I worked with. I have worked in the US and in Bulgaria, but my work for Bulgarian artists has also taken me on short tours to Canada, Russia, the Ukraine, Cyprus, Hungary and a few other countries.”

Can you share with us a quick industry experience? How did you overcome a challenge and how can we help another do the same?

“I think that the best thing to do when faced with a challenge is to keep working hard and never underestimate any job. For me, starting to work in America was difficult at first, but the work experience and knowledge that I had allowed me to persevere past the language barrier and do my best. A company can help its staff grow by providing learning opportunities, sending periodic updates on industry trends, and encouraging its staff to experiment with sound engineering techniques.”

Favorite place to vacation?

“My favorite place to vacation is Varna, a city on the coast of Bulgaria with wonderful beaches.”

Know somebody that you would like to recommend for our technician spotlight? Send a message via the Contact Us portal.

**We have UPPED THE ANTE! Each technician that is selected for our Spotlight Series will be awarded a $100 bonus!!**

This Sunday, July 1st, doors will open to the beautiful The River View at Occoquan venue! We have had the distinct pleasure of visiting periodically during construction and the 100’s of guests this Sunday will be treated to a spectacular new venue. This stunning new building will be host to a wide variety of events from corporate gatherings to wedding and private functions. Some of the amenities include:

  • Outside ceremony space
  • Large foyer space, The 1608 Room, and Outside Patio for Cocktail Reception
  • Bar and all tables for Cocktail Reception, including tables for gifts, name cards, guest book, etc.
  • Dinner/Reception space with floor-to-ceiling views of the Occoquan River
  • Ample space for dance area and DJ/Musicians

And so much more!!

Come out, enjoy some free giveaways and visit us at our booth! You can join the festivities by visiting the event page here: The Riverview at Occoquan Open House


EventMediaTech is proud to spotlight a team member who needs little introduction.  Those familiar with Sam know it’s a great relief against any scary load-in, to see him riding up to the dock on his motorcycle. A quick study, his advancement through our position list has been notably impressive. Often promoted externally by the demand of our clients who recognize his unique talent.

His wealth of industry knowledge is however, undeinably shadowed by his exemplary customer service skills. A willingness to volunteer, push the heavy case and stay until the job’s done set him apart.

“He has been extremely integral with the success of our room setups…He cares about doing a great job and is always flexible and steps in wherever he is needed.  He is an extremely hard worker and we have full confidence in whatever task we assign him with.” –  Marriott Marquis

Quotes like this are routine for him, yet compliments are rare in this industry. To find out how he does it, he has allotted us some of his valuable time to answer some questions we had about his success:

Sam, would you mind giving us an opening statement about the industry and why you are drawn to it?

“I love working in a technical field. At the end of the day I know I’ve accomplished something when the show runs smoothly. Pushing papers all day you go home not knowing you’ve done anything. I get to work with great people and I’ve never gone a day without learning something new. I’m excited for the future and what it may bring.”

Can you share with us a quick industry experience? How did you overcome a challenge and how can we help another do the same?

“Audio defaults to HDMI!! If you’re using a HDMI cable to send video make sure you change the settings for sound output to speakers. Learned that the hard way. Other than that YouTube is your friend. It’s difficult to learn when you don’t have access to the equipment everyday. So the best way I have found to learn is go to YouTube and watch several videos on the same subject. Take notes. Then when there is down time on a gig I try and practice what I learned online. Still have a long way to go. And as I build up my own inventory it has become easier. But this was how I started.”

Favorite food and best restaurant to find it?

“The nacho locos at Tryst in Adams Morgan are fire! Can’t be beat.”

Thanks for reading and GO CAPS 

Congratulations to our Featured Tech, Andrew Abell! Andrew has been a very busy man during the winter months, taking 4 of our lead video T.A.P (Tech Advancement Program) sessions:
-GFX/image processing
-Video recording
-Introduction to our new AK-HC3800 Camera rig!
 Andrew’s thirst for knowledge is paired with a keen sense for customer service, allowing him to quickly become a popular technician throughout the DMV. Video has always been his strong-suit but Andrew is well-versed in the lighting and audio realms as well. He continues to sign up for all the TAP Sessions we have to offer, and we couldn’t be happier with his growth!
 “Camera Shading”
If you are interested in expanding your skill-set through our FREE T.A.P. Sessions, please visit our Technician Portal and contact us with the tag line: TAP Training and express what fields you’re looking to improve in. 2018 is gearing up to be a busy year and we’re excited to get going!